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FAQs about Reading and Posting Writes

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Q: How do I read messages posted by my teacher or other participants?
A: On the Topics page, you can see the author's name to the right of each message subject. Click on the message subject to open the message. For example, click on the "Welcome ... " message, this is the first message your teacher posts in the forum.

Q: How do I post a Write?
A: In the main menu on the Topics page, click "Post." This will create a new Message Topic. This is a page with two fields: one for your "Subject Heading" and a larger field for the message itself. Enter your Write in this large field then click "Post message" button below.

Q: How do I reply to a message?
A: Open any message and you'll see a "Reply" link at the bottom right of the Message Topic page. Click this link in order to reply to this specific message. This brings you to the message form as described above. Remember to rename this new message.

Q: Why did I lose my Write as I was entering it?
A: Our Forum software may time out before you've finished entering your Write. It's safer to enter your Write and save it locally by using Microsoft Word or any other word processinig software or text editor. Then when completed, you just copy and paste your Write into our Forum. You also get the benefit of keeping local copies of your Writes this way.

Q: How do I copy and paste into a Forum message?
A: Type your Write into word processing or text editing software on your Mac or PC. Then save this file to a folder on your hard drive (e.g., "My PW Writes.") Highlight all the text of your Write and copy it (<Ctrl>+C in Windows.) Now login to your Forum and create a new topic by clicking the "Post" link in the menu of the Topics page. Place the cursor in the large field and paste the text (<Ctrl>+V in Windows.) Now click the "Post message" button.

Q: Are my Writes secure on the site?
A: The username login (authentication) protects the privacy and security of your work. Only you and seminar participants can be admitted to this forum. (If you are in a private forum, then only you and your teacher have access!)

Q: What should I do if I run into difficulty?
A: If you have any problems reading or posting Writes, contact the PW Center office manager. She'll be happy to help.




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