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FAQs about the PW Store

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Q: How do I purchase an item in the PW Store?
A: The store is categorized by types of items so first select the appropriate category. Then click the appropriate link for the item to see more details or click either the "Add One to Basket" button or the "Buy One Now" button (see next question about logging in to store.)

Enter name and address for the "Bill To" and "Ship To" info and click the "Continue" button. Next you select the type of credit card and click the "Continue" button.

Enter your credit card number and expiration date and click the "Continue" button.

Finally, you can confirm this info and either click the "Submit Transaction for Processing" button or cllick the "<< Back" button to update this info.

Q: I'm having trouble logging into the PW Store. What should I do?
A: It's not necessary to register and login to the PW Store. This feature is only used to allow you to purchase items in the future without needing to re-enter your name, address and credit card info. If prompted to login to the store, simply click the "Place Order Without Account" button.

Q: I don't see my online seminar listed in Online Seminars in the PW Store. How can I pay for it?
A: In the PW Store, coursework is specified by fee. Click the "Products" link in the main menu at the top. This lists all items in the store with their associated fee. Choose a seminar that has the same fee as your seminar's and continue from there. Then notify our office manager to let her know you paid for the specific course.

Q: The exact fee of my workshop is not listed in the PW Store. What should I do?

A: Choose next closest fee. Payments or refunds will be adjusted on day or workshop.

Q: Can I make a credit card payment by phone?

A: Yes. To make a credit card payment by phone, call the PW Center at 510.350.8799.

Q: What should I do if I run into difficulty?
A: If you have any problems making payments at the PW Store, contact the PW Center office manager. She'll be happy to help.


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