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infiniteglixFri Sep-09-05 06:51 AM
Member since Apr 01st 2005
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#145, "RE: KATRINA"
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Oh Toby, so many thoughts about this... Rudolf Steiner said something about the weather reflecting the political climate. But it could also be the other way around too.

There's an Asian scientist who experiments with water--exposing it to different emotions. Speaking words into it or submerging words written on paper. Words like love, harmony, beauty yield perfect geometric patterns in the microscopic water crystals while words like hate, horror and anger yield a-symmetrical, jagged and downright disturbing shapes. I have no idea whether there is any truth to this, but it is very thought provoking and certainly came to mind when Katrina hit. They’re all connected--people, words, emotions, water...all vibrations and liquid.

So many shocking reactions: the press has been (finally) critical of the administration--we'll see how long that lasts. But there are radio stations and news papers with commentators saying that this is the best thing to happen to New Orleans.

To the international community it looks like we’re getting our punishment for our complete disregard of the Kyoto protocols and our continual wanton greenhouse emissions not to mention our karmic comeuppance for a policy of preemptive warfare.

And through all this--aside from the PR nightmare he has to deal with, I know Bush feels it was the will of God. Who was he to take any precautions or try to save anyone? Which reminds me of the joke (also told on the West Wing): A very religious man refuses to evacuate as a major storm is approaching, saying "God will save me." His friends drive by to pick him up. He remains. "God will save me." The flood waters rise. A rescue boat comes by. He refuses to leave. "God will save me." The waters engulf his house. A helicoptor comes to airlift him from his roof. He won’t budge. "God will save me." The man drowns. At the pearly gates, he says to God, "I was so devoted to you--how could you let me die?" God says, "I sent you a car, a boat and a helicopter..."


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