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What is a PW Online Group Course?
A PW Online Group Course is a six-week online course with Drs. Metcalf or Simon in which up to 4 students post weekly Writes online. Timing is flexible. You choose when to visit the site.
See Course Descriptions Home for information on online individual courses .

What if student is not computer-savvy?
Help is available when you register online. You are given clear step-by-step instructions in FAQs for online registration and for orientation to the PW Forums where online courses are held. If you have additional questions, email (Yvonne@pwriting.org) or call the PW Center (212.213.5402).

What is the goal of PW online coursework?
Depending on student’s needs and desires, goals vary. They include:

  • developing a writing discipline
  • strengthening voice
  • resolving emotional conflict
  • generating raw material for writing projects
  • deepening understanding of yourself and others
  • gaining spiritual wisdom
  • preparing to write for publication
  • progressing toward PW teacher certification    top
What is meant by PW experience?
Some courses and workshops require PW experience. PW experience means you have taken a PW workshop, an online course, or have read Writing the Mind Alive, are conducting your own PW practice, and can handle Guided Writes. Email the PW Center if you have questions.

What is a Guided Write?
Rather than create Writes on any subject that comes to you, as you do in your own PW practice, some online courses requiring PW experience ask you to focus on the weekly lessons or points under discussion in your posted Writes. (See "The Guided Write," pp. 157-9, Writing the Mind Alive.)

How do students post their Writes?
After you register online, the Webmaster admits you to your PW Forum and directs you to FAQs offering simple instructions for using the site. Email the PW Center if you have additional questions.Or telephone the Center at 212.213.5402.

How do students choose which Write to post?
Assuming you write more than once a week, post the Write that reflects your greatest interest, or the Write to which you want a response.   (If your course coincides with your initial 3 months of PW practice, we recommend 4-5 Writes weekly. After that, it's up to you.)

How much time should students expect to spend on an online course?
Plan to spend a minimum of 3 hours per week on the course.    top

What do students do?
Students post one Write weekly at their convenience within a 3 or 4-day period. If possible, they read posted Writes written by others.

What do teachers do?
In addition to providing specific guidelines to all course activities, teachers post weekly “talks” on crucial aspects of PW, respond to individual Writes, and attend to each student’s progress.    top

What kinds of responses do teachers give?
Depending upon the Write and on the goals of the course, responses vary. They may:
  • contextualize and elucidate the Write
  • challenge assumptions which impede creative thought
  • prompt new thought
  • propose alternative thinking strategies
  • suggest topics, areas, words or phrases for further exploration
  • review PW techniques
In addition to responses posted on the site, which all participants may read, students may receive private email, meant only for the student to whom it is sent, containing an important thought that didn't get included in group work, and requiring no reply.    top

How do online course participants interact?
The class consists of not more than 4 participants. All are invited to read Writes posted by others but not to respond to them with praise, criticism, suggestions, or other help. (If you have questions or observations to make about another’s Write, please address them to the teacher.) Reasons for this protocol, familiar to anyone who has taken a PW workshop, are reviewed in Writing the Mind Alive, pages 164-170. However, your ideas and/or questions about the weekly lessons are important and may be posted directly on our class Forum as a "Reply."If you wish to contact each other, please meet on the site’s Public Forum or use email.

Supplies for online courses
  • computer with Internet access
  • Writing the Mind Alive: The Proprioceptive Method for Finding Your Authentic Voice, Metcalf and Simon (Ballantine, 2002)
  • Other supplies needed are enumerated in Chapter 2 of Writing the Mind Alive, “Write What You Hear: How the Method Works.”  
  •    top
Confidentiality is crucial in PW group practice, both in workshops and online ourses. Please review the discussion of confidentiality in Writing the Mind Alive, p. 170.

Lateness and Missed Sessions
If you must post late, we will attempt but cannot promise to respond to your Write. If you miss a week, and our schedule permits, we will give you time to make up the missed week.

How do I register for an online course?
To register for an online course, follow these three simple steps.

For more information, email the PW Center. We look forward to hearing from you.

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